Introducing us

Hi there…

If you’re reading this then we’ve already had some success in our aim to engage with a community of families, travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, world lovers, life lovers and all round adventurers just like us.

We are a family of three- Katey, Rick and Kitty, also known as baby bear. With this venture we hope to share a little of our activities and perhaps offer some inspiration to anyone who reads. We like to get out in our local area in the Lancashire, UK and in addition enjoy going for weekends away to explore other parts of Britain and further afield.

We are also incredibly excited to share our journey towards our year of eco-travelling taking place in a year’s time. We hope to connect with other people to gain inspiration for our year away and will, of course, be sharing our own experiences. Thank you for dropping by!


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A fun loving slightly crazy Daddy. Keen cyclist and always looking to push himself with a physical challenge or two. Newly a vegan and appreciates the beauty of nature and keen to do his bit to keep it that way.



IMG_4544A dedicated mummy and family doctor with a big love of the outdoors, people and the planet in general. Loves hiking, pottering, walking, cycling…pretty much anything that can be done outside with the baby bear in tow.




Inquisitive, brave and completely crazy, the latter she takes from her father! At her best when outside in the mud with her wellies on.


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