Arthur’s Pass National Park


We have been waiting to write and post this blog since last Wednesday but a delay with our Wi-Fi installation and general business of moving house (again) have prevented us finding even an hour to write.

We took our first road trip in Tina (new wheels), a 100 mile road out of Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass with nothing but stunning scenery. We felt we needed to stop every mile to look out and take photos, no exaggeration!

We have posted a few pics on Instagram but here are more for your eyes to enjoy.

Arthur’s Pass township is about 5 km south of the mountain pass with the same name. Its elevation is 740 metres above sea level surrounded by beech forest. The Bealey River runs through the township. The town is located 153 km from Christchurch a 2-hour drive on SH 73. This is basically the gate way to the National Park.

The National park is named after the town and covers 1,185 km² of mostly mountainous terrain. There are plenty of walks and hikes to be done ranging from easy which we can happily plod along with Kitty, to expert where you require mountaineering equipment and a few free days in the calendar to complete.

It was established in 1929, becoming the first national park in the South Island and the third in New Zealand. It is bisected by State Highway 73. The road passes through Arthur’s Pass village and the mountain pass with the same name over the Southern Alps at a height of 920 metres above sea level. The park is administered by the Department of Conservation and operate a depot, administration and information centre in Arthur’s Pass village.

So expect more from this area from us!

We stopped by Lake Lyndon to eat and stretch our legs, and throw stones and enjoy the view. The trees are covered in frost in this photo, the sun hadn’t reached over the mountains with enough strength to melt it away.

More sites along the highway.

Crossing the Bealy river via an icy bridge. The water was crystal clear.

We decided to do an easy walk to the Devils’ Punchbowl Waterfall. Unfortunately the track only led us so far due to it being under repair. The path was snowy and beautiful so  not seeing the waterfall up close wasn’t that much of a let down. You can see it in one of the photos above.

Back down into the town…We will be back and I’m sure friends and family will want to see the area as well. There is much more to explore there, the weather conditions were cold and dry, perfect really. We would love to tackle some more challenging hikes, and if Kitty is willing when her carrier arrives in late June we will do so.

Take plenty of snacks. There are two cafes in the town and a very good information centre. In the mountains there are huts which you can hike to and camp in. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or not there is a lot to do here. There are a number of ski areas for when winter really arrives that we will be frequenting!

For now, so long, follow us on Instagram, and get outside!

Rick, Katey, Kitty xx

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