Santa Steam Train at the Ribble Steam Railway

Two festive posts in a row!? Yep, we can’t get enough of it, especially with Kitty fully understanding the magic of Christmas. She is being exceptionally sweet when asking Father Christmas for gifts. The simplicity of her requests make us very proud and I’m certain that Father Christmas will have listened and will bring her the 3 things she has asked for.

Kitty goes to Preston with her Granny and Grandad every week and they often walk to the docklands and see the steam train which runs along the tracks there.

Each year on every weekend in December the train has a very special guest among its carriages. That jolly old St. Nicolas! So on Saturday the 3rd Dec we drove to Preston and climbed aboard a steam train and set off for a very festive train ride.

The journey started with a few hotly participated Christmas songs which were very well received and sung with gusto and good humour. We sang Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and a few other festive classics all accompanied by 2 men, a banjo and an accordion. It was brilliant!

The children were then given a juice and everyone got a mince pie or a biscuit (or both if you wished), and the grown ups were given a well received dash of sherry. The carriage happily toasted one another and drank up. We waited in anticipation and with the sound of the guards whistle, we slowly started to pull out of the station.

When the train got chugging along came Santa! He brought a gift for the children on board. Kitty got a very nice hardback Waybuloo book which she is still reading every morning at breakfast in between listening a few of her new favourite songs – Fairytail of New YorkI Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day , Mel & Kim’s version of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and one for the dads, Kylie…Santa Baby.

Father Christmas brought gasps of excitement from everyone when he entered the carriage and he listened carefully in turn to each child as he made his way through the carriages one at a time. He spoke nicely to all the children and made sure everyone was having fun and of course, checked his list…

The tickets are all sold out for this year, but if you remember next year, try to go along for the ride. It lasts about 45 minutes and tickets are £9.50 for children over 3 and £9.00 for adults. Check for local events similar in your area too. We know there are Santa Specials like this one all over the country.

If you want to visit the Ribble Steam Railway they run the trains regularly and have a museum down there which is worth a visit for anyone with even the slightest interest in Steam Trains. The website is here – Ribble Steam Website.

It feels wonderfully nostalgic and is a fitting setting for a festive, christmassy day out.

We finished the day by picking up our Christmas trees and decorating them.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Choo! Choo! Choo!


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