Santa’s Grotto at Oswadtwistle Mills

Since it’s finally December I feel safe enough to post this! Last Sunday we took Kitty to Oswaldtwistle Mills to see Santa.

Last year visiting Santa was an exciting thought for Kitty, that is until she came face to face with him. Then is was a different story. Santa can be quite terrifying to someone who is just over 2. Santa usually provides a helper because he can’t be in too many places at once, and the helper is usually a youngish big bloke with a bad beard. Kitty knows what a beard looks like, she’s never seen her daddy without a beard. And the poor helper has usually had a number of hours sat in his chair upsetting and frightening kids so his enthusiasm is understandably waning.

This year, her being three years and a few months she is braver, and less shy and understands more about Father Christmas thanks to YouTube and story books. So we went to Oswaldtwistle Mills in Oswaldtwistle (no kidding). Oswaldtwistle Mills is a clothes store, home-wear store, garden centre and much more. This is our first ever visit and we will be going back.

They also have an excellent Santa’s Grotto, or Santa’s Grotters as Kitty hilariously calls it.

The cost to see Santa is £10 and we think it is absolutely worth it. It includes a tasty chocolate lolly, a good 5 minutes with the man himself, some magic reindeer food, a reindeer mask to colour and a very nice cuddly polar bear from Santa himself. The grotto is a mini winter wonderland with trees, a sleigh, a big model train to play in, and other activities to do whilst you wait. And prior to paying anything you can pet and feed 2 real life reindeer. The elves were lovely and told us all about the deer and showed us the recently shed antler of the deer and let us hold them. The reindeer are shy but not skittish, and look very well looked after.


And for your £10 I think you may get the actual Santa! He was certainly very kind and personable with Kitty, patient, and he knew what Kitty was asking him to bring her. He was correctly informed by one of his elves. Kitty spoke quietly to him and we really appreciated the time we had with him, and the photos we could take. And with a Ho! Ho! Ho! We said goodbye and wished him a Merry Christmas. He asked for some milk to be left out and perhaps a carrot for his reindeer on the big night. And we promised not to light the fire on Christmas Eve night.

Christmas is magical, and whatever reason you celebrate at this time of year we think you should spread kindness, generosity and joy. Visiting St. Nick really kick started this for us, and the Christmas CD in the car on the way home cemented it. Kitty has her favourites already, Santa Baby by Kylie being one of them! Thankfully she didn’t ask for a sable, a yacht or a Tiffany tree decoration!

”Tis the season…


Oswaldtwistle Mills Website

2 Comments on “Santa’s Grotto at Oswadtwistle Mills

  1. Oh this is such a beautiful post. I’m so pleased Kitty enjoyed seeing Father Christmas. It’s reassuring to know that the reindeer were well love okey after too xxxx


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