Eco-Exchange Week 12

New household products to recycled products

Whilst making a journey towards greener living we’ve found that we reflect on everything we buy. From picking up loose vegetable rather than plastic ones to changing the products we use which you can see across previous articles. We’ve had lovey weather recntly which mean we’ve had the luxury of drying washing outside (I know I’m a loser to be excited about this). Most of the pegs we had were either rusty, broken or a bit rotten in the case of the wooden ones. Again with my new green head on I researched into what I could buy.

I found these ecoForce pegs on ebay. Yes they are made from plastic which is not biodegradable but they are made from 93% recycled plastic. That’s less plastic going into landfill and interestingly manufacturing them from recycled rather than “virgin” plastic uses 70% less energy. They’re also made without a spring so last longer, thus less waste. They are also 100% recyclable and made in the UK. Buying local is always good when it comes to green credentials.

There are many other recycled products we have switched to such as ecoLeaf toilet paper, it turns out loo roll is responsible for mass deforestation and is one of the most wasteful products modern homes use, see more here. We’ve also changed to a recycled kitchen roll but are increasingly using reusable washable cotton cloths to reduce waste further. We use recycled sponges from ecoForce which manufactures sponge from off-cuts which would otherwise go to landfill. Ideally we’d like to find something which is biodegradable but thus far have found nothing in the UK that is fully biodegradable (w e will keep looking).

I appreciate I’ve just talked about the very non-glamorous world of loo roll, dish sponges and clothes pegs but these are all things we ALL use every day. It’s our everyday products we need to change to make big differences to the environment over time.

Do you have any household products that are green-minded? Have you made any eco-exchanges after reading our blogs? Do get in touch via our contacts page or in the comments below.


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