Eco-Exchange week 11

Long showers to timed showers

An average shower uses 7.75 litres per minute with power showers using 17 litres per minute. According to waterwise the average shower is about 8 minutes. This is about accurate for us. When I thought about it I realised I spend a fair bit of time dawdling in the shower. I really don’t need 8 minutes so I wanted to shorten this and searched for a solution. 

I bought this handy easy to use timer from the Amnesty international online shop.

£7.95 bargain


I know, I didn’t know they had a shop either until writing this article. They’ve got loads of ethical bits and bobs on there, well worth a look. Anyway I digress, the timer is really simple- you hold the respective button down for how many minutes you wish to shower and it beeps after that time.

It turns out with the pressure of knowing it’s going to beep I really get a move on.  My morning  shower is done in three minutes, and that includes hair conditioning. That’s 5 minutes less for Rick and I each day which is a staggering saving of 77.5L per day!

There are other things that could be done if you don’t fancy shortening your shower such as reducing the flow with a Waterwise shower head. The water is aerated thus they claim you don’t notice the reduced volume of water and could save 4L water per minute. 

So there we have it short and sweet just like our showers!


3 Comments on “Eco-Exchange week 11

  1. What a brilliant idea. I think I’ll get one for Harry!!! He has several showers a day because of all the sport he does and takes ages! When our French and German students stayed, we noticed that each of kept stopping the shower. They both said that they are encouraged,d to stop it while they apply shampoo and conditioner etc xxx

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    • I think that’s a great idea. The water doesn’t need to run whilst you’re sudding up! The reviews of the product said it was really useful fur families with teenagers 😂


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