Eco-exchange Week 9

Shop bought to home grown

After last week’s stat filled article  we’ve decided to keep it short and sweet. With everything that has happened this week we want to share with you something light hearted that you can do together as a family. It’s lovely and sunny out there which is perfect weather for a spot of gardening…

Buying any food from a shop has a carbon footprint from it’s packaging to it’s transport. You can lessen these but shopping for local, seasonal and organic foods but the greenest way to obtain food is with your green fingers!

Not only is it greener but it’s also immensely satisfying too. It’s a great way to teach little ones about where their food comes from and, in Kitty’s case, it’s great fun to “help” with the planting.

Kitty and Rick taming veggie patch 1 a couple of months ago


We’ve been growing our own beetroot and parsnips for a couple of years but this year we’ve been more adventurous! We’ve got a good selection in our garden of fruits, veggies and herbs. Kitty loves blackberries so we’ve planted a thorn-less bush which she’ll be able to pick at her leisure when the fruits come through.

Blackberry bush


A neighbour of ours had a tonne of strawberry plants going spare so they’ve gone into half a dozen spare pots we had.

There’s some aubergine seedlings in the porch  and some sunflowers along the fence which will give us some tasty seeds to eat as well as the bees some tasty pollen. We use a lot of fresh herbs in our cooking and they are a staple in our garden. Bees and butterflies love them too. In addition we’ve created two veggie patches which have tomatoes, chillies, peas, lettuce, winter squash and potatoes all due in the next few months. Aren’t the leaves from the potatoes just beautiful?  We can’t wait to sample the food!

The beauty of growing your own is you really don’t need much space. Cherry tomatoes and strawberries are happy enough in window boxes or hanging baskets. Herbs are content on windowsills (as long as you put them in a bigger pot than the ones you buy them in). You can even put herbs on a living wall as they like free draining soil. We’ve bought a patio cherry tree and pear tree which will happily live in pots or in borders so there’s plenty of options with planting whether you have a large garden, a small patio or just a window box!

Waiting to go into the border

I can honestly say as someone who’s been growing food for a few years, it’s much tastier coming straight from the garden and onto your plate. No matter how big or small your space is; have a go!


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