Ribble Valley Walk: Hodder Bridges


Last weekend we were incredibly lucky to have beautiful weather, and with a new book full of walks we haven’t yet tried we were champing at the bit to get out and explore. I found this book in Clitheroe Books, a shop in town which sells second hand books. Recycling at its best. It’s written by Paul Hannon and still easy to find online if you can’t find any more in the book shop or in the Oxfam book shop on the high street. We decided to do the Hodder Bridges walk as it was short enough for Kitty to come along without getting bored in her sling and had sections she could join in on.

We started at Higher Hodder Bridge and headed past the houses opposite Hodder Court and through the fields. It takes you so a little bridge and a path along a stream.

We popped out at a road and needed to follow this for about half a mile. It’s the only stretch of road on the walk but does need care with little ones. There’s a grass verge for the most part. We then entered back into open fields. Cue some posing by Rick:

Casually reviewing the route!

We cut diagonally across a few fields which had amazing views of a hazy Pendle Hill to the left. The photos didn’t do this justice so we left them out and you can go and see for yourself! We eventually dropped down to Lower Hodder Bridge which has views across to Cromwell’s Bridge. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll have seen this. It was built in the 16th Century by the Shireburn family and now has a really organic feel to is as grass and moss have grown over it.


We headed up stream to the river bank for a little snack stop, essential with a toddler. Kitty was ready at this stage to come out and explore. It was brilliant, the river banks had little coves which Kitty loved exploring and looking for the fairy king/Gruffalo/monsters and spiders. It was fabulous seeing how nature inspired her. We threw stones in the river and sat listening to the water flow. It was very relaxing. There was a fisherman further upstream also enjoying the beauty.

The walk then took us past the stunning Hodder Place and up into woodland. We reached some lovely wooden steps which took us further into the woods.

Rick having a little mince up the steps

The smell of wild garlic was almost overwhelming! It had completely covered the ground making it look like we were walking on carpet.

The walk then takes you along a very pretty path over lots of little bridges with the Hodder River to the right. This took us a while as Kitty was insistent she wanted to lead the way and walk over every bridge without any help. She is quite the independent explorer!

This was a really lovely walk with really varied terrain and views. Definitely recommended. Have you taken this path before? Feel inspired to have a go? As always we’d love to hear from you!


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