Ribble Valley Walk: Mitton Loop

We used to live in Whalley and this loop was on our doorstep so we walked it frequently. It’s a lovely walk which can take as little as an hour to do if you’re quick. With a toddler in tow and a few stops we took two! It’s a great loop to fit in after work during the longer days. I’d advise against trying it after a lot of rain as it gets pretty muddy and in the height of summer the insects are a bit of a chore. For our crisp spring evening however, it was perfect.

We parked at Mitton Hall and headed right along the road for about half a mile towards Whalley. On the left you come to a footpath sign which takes you into a wooded area.

Look carefully for this on a bend in the road- easy to miss!

Follow this path trough the trees, to a bridge over a pretty little stream. Kitty of course wanted to throw stones in as we went over.

You come out into an open field with stunning views of Pendle Hill to the right, it was particularly gorgeous in the evening we went. Continuing through the field you  reach a kissing gate and if, like us, you’ve got a child on your back my tip is to reverse in! Following this path onward you come to a wooded area known as Standen Hey Community Woodland. There’s a path throught the grass that takes you to another fence, to the left of this is a path which leads to a step over gate  and you enter an open field.

Cue more stunning views of Pendle Hill to the right. There’s often cows in this field so make sure your dog is on a lead here. Go straight on until you get to the farm and follow the path to the left. You’ll come out at the River Ribble. This is a highlight for Kitty who loves nothing more than to throw stones into the river. Sunset is a truly beautiful time to come here.

You then cut diagonally across the field with the farm behind you and you’ll arrive at a bridge crossing a stream. Follow the field ahead and you’ll see the Aspinall Arms Pub come into view to the right. Head down the hill and you can either turn left along the road to get back to Mitton Hall or turn right for some refreshments at the pub!

As you can see from the photos it’s a lovely little walk which has stunning views and is short enough that it’s achievable after work or if you are unable to walk long distances. It’s also great with little ones as longer walks can sometimes be a challenge for them. Do you have any short walks you frequently enjoy? Have you done this loop before? Do you have any suggestions of routes we should write about?

As always we’d love to hear from you.


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3 Comments on “Ribble Valley Walk: Mitton Loop

  1. We actually came back this way from a walk yesterday. My friends organize a Good Friday walk every year and we live in Clitheroe so walked to The Aspinall in Mitton through the fields by the river and took your standen hey route back. There were adults, kids and dogs so a very lively walk. 🙂

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    • I’m impressed you were out walking in the weather yesterday! We only made it to the park. It’s a good little walk and links up well to Ribble way to get to Clitheroe and beyond.

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