Rushcliffe Country Park – Nottingham

Hi y’all! I hope you all had a good weekend? This past weekend we were visiting close friends who live in Nottingham. We did some research and found that Rushcliffe Country Park wasn’t very far away at all. Not knowing what to expect apart from drizzle we packed for all eventualities.

Set in the beautiful countryside about half a mile south of Ruddington, Rushcliffe Country Park is an ideal place to get away from it all – With a network of over 8 kilometres of footpaths, grassland, conservation and landscaped areas, the park is excellent for walking, jogging, cycling, spotting wildlife and exercising your dog.

There is a large lake with water fowl of many varieties and an open woodland area to explore. This was really impressive, it was filled with learning opportunities and musical instruments made from junk…I loved the plastic pipes, they made a great sound when given a whack!

This really fits our ethos of being eco friendly and recycling and reusing and whilst the Bear is too young to understand the concept, she loved making a lot of noise with traffic cones, bin lids, pipes, woks, car suspension springs and a whole plethora of noisy goodness. Older kids would be able to understand and appreciate the concept with a little more depth.

The park of course has a very large play area suitable for all ages made up of a large climbing frame with a few slides, swings to suite all size of kids including less able bodied children, a rope climbing frame and a sand covered are with wobbly bridge. There is a coffee hut which also sells snacks and an ice cream hut.

We didn’t voyage as far as the visitor centre as rain stopped play and Kitty was becoming quite worn out.

Overall Rushcliffe Country park is a park which people of all ages can enjoy, there really is something for everyone, and whether you want to sit and watch the world and the birds go by or follow the 10km jogging route around the park, I’m sure you won’t come away disappointed. There was so much more we could have explored and enjoyed if we had more time. I’m sure we will go back one day.

If you have ever been here please tell me what we missed!


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