Ribble Valley Walk: Pendle Hill

On Mother’s Day we were very lucky to have beautiful sunshine so we decided to head up Pendle hill for amazing views. You can find a short video of our walk here. Kitty was still very much in the throws of chickenpox so in the interest of public safety we headed out early morning to avoid the crowds! We approached from Pendle Road between Downham and Barley. This was to avoid the inevitable busieness of Barley and also we find this path a rather beautiful alternative.

Pendle Hill in the distance
Trees disguising the climb ahead!

It was so peaceful listening to the streams trickling and the sheep in the distance and sunshine made it all seem more beautiful. Kitty took great pleasure in saying hello to each and every sheep we encountered!


The hike up offered amazing views as we started to climb, which are a perfect excuse to stop for a rest. As it starts to climb our path joins the one from Barley. It’s pretty steep in places so really gets the heart racing, especially with 15kg of daughter on your back. I’ll allow the views to speak for themselves:

On the ascent, you HAVE to stop to admire the view several times..


When the going gets tough; make daddy do the carrying!


Hang on to your hat daddy

The views up Pendle Hill are incredible throughout the seasons and vary immensely making it a worthwhile hike to do again and again. From the clear views we had in spring with the buds appearing on the trees, to the beautiful purple heather in summer, to the golden leaves in autumn and finally to white crisp snow in winter; it’s always worth a trip.

There are several routes up Pendle Hill  you can take and our favourite is from the picturesque Barley. You can find more details of this route here. What is your favourite time of the year to go? Do you have a hike near to your home you enjoy retuning to like we do? We’d love to hear from you so do get in touch using the contacts page or the comments below.


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