Guerrilla Gardening

So, as a family we like to a spread positivity to our fellow person, help the environment and have fun. We have dabbled a few times in guerrilla gardening which helps us to address all of these goals.

So what is guerrilla gardening? Essentially planting seeds or bulbs in a patch of land that is otherwise unloved. This provides the beauty of flowers and nature to pretty much anywhere you could think of.

One little project of ours was guerrilla daffodil planting on a round-about near our house. It is lawned which is usually kept short by the council and offers little in the way of visual appeal, inspiration or support to the environment. Armed with some small spades and 6kg of daffodil bulbs we went out and got planting in January.

Gruffalo gardening tools- essential guerrilla gardening equipment



“I found a wiggly worm”


Now in March we’re really pleased to see they’re growing. The round-about is exposed to wind and cold so these daffs are late starters! But now they provide early pollen for insects such as butterflies and bees and we’ve heard many of our neighbours comment on the flowers and speculate as to where they’ve come from. Pretty satisfying.

The first daffs coming through


Anyone can get involved, simply find a patch of land that isn’t privately owned and get planting. You can even throw wild flower seeds onto any patch of rough soil and watch them go – poor quality soil is where wild flowers thrive best. Some examples of good spots include road sides (as long as it is safe to do so) and the edge of car parks.

Have you been involved in any projects in your area? Have you done your own guerrilla gardening? Where would you like to see some more flowers? We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch!

K & R

2 Comments on “Guerrilla Gardening

    • Thank you I’ll have a look. The council actually came to mow the round about we planted in and went around each flower which was nice. I agree though if they were left alone there would be lots of lovely wild flowers which could seed. I’ll write to the council.


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